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A "Soupy" Law of Attraction

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

I love soups. Especially when the weather turns cold and you yearn for something warm and comforting. There's simply nothing better to satisfy the soul (and the stomach) than a seasonal soup cooked with fresh ingredients and a little love. And while I have a few stock favorites that I always return to during the winter months, I love trying out new recipes.

I first tasted one of my favorite soups probably 10 years ago while on a date with my husband. I had only ordered a cup to go with my entrée, but one taste made me wish I had made it my choice for the whole meal. Savoring each spoonful, I was rendered almost speechless—except for the occasional, "This is really, really good…" uttered between slurps. Decorum prevented me from licking the cup clean, but I did a pretty good job mopping up any excess with the bread. I asked the server for the recipe and she just smiled—sorry, not possible. Nevertheless, I did not—could not—forget about the soup.

The Law of Attraction says that what we think, we receive. Well, after that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about that butternut squash soup. So, it was with great joy (and amazement) that while sorting through my cluster of recipes a few days after that night I came across something miraculous. Torn from a local magazine and folded in half was a glossy page of an article from a cooking feature. It highlighted fare "From Piggy's Kitchen" (the restaurant where we had eaten!), and specifically a recipe for—wait, it's true—Roasted Squash Soup! The Universe had answered my call! Ta-DA! Seriously!

Now here’s the best part: I had torn out the article more than two years prior to that moment and tucked it "safely" away among the rest of my “sounds good” recipes to be made “one day.” Still don’t believe in the Law of Attraction? It can’t be denied, whether for soup or a soul mate! :)

This is a simple and fun story, but one that reminds me (once again) of important truths: I already have all the answers I need—I just have to be specific in my intention and ask the right questions! And isn’t this true about so many things?

In all aspects of life, we have everything we need. We just need to ask the right questions, be open to receiving, and start moving.

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