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What is energy healing?

Everything is energy. Everything.  Your body, the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the forests and oceans, even your thoughts are energy. We are energetic beings of light, interacting with our environment every day. We are at peace and healthy when our internal and external environment supports love, kindness, compassion and forgiveness, and abundant health. Sometimes, a healthful energetic message is disrupted or corrupted. Traumatic events or experiences can become trapped in our energetic body and cause dis-ease in our physical and emotional body.  Energy healing seeks to transform the "wrong message" or "trapped energy" within the body, allowing the body to tap into its divine intelligence and repair itself, restoring the natural balance of harmony and peace and health we all seek. 

What you can expect from a session

Transform, Release, Find Peace

Whether you see Audrey in person, talk with her over the phone or skype, or plan for a remote "proxy" session where you don't talk at all, a session with Audrey will be the same. Powerful. Transformational.

All clients receive a link to notes taken and comments provided in the session to refer to as often as needed. The session begins with a short prayer and connection to the divine. From there actual modalities used may differ according to the needs of each client. Audrey is fortunate to be a practitioner of many different techniques to best access the information that needs to be identified and released.  Typically, she will use muscle testing to access The Body Code and identify and release trapped emotions and energies causing dis-ease. In addition, she may provide a "5 element clearing" or use Reiki, Tapping (EFT), or Ho'oponopono healing as called for.  She always closes with a qigong blessing meditation to help integrate and balance energy.  Clients finish feeling relaxed, lighter and clearer.  

Each session typically lasts 30-60 minutes. Audrey is always available for follow up questions as they come up.

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