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Inca Steps

In January, I had the opportunity to visit Ecuador for two weeks, and thoroughly enjoyed learning about and loving up a beautiful country. While adventuring, we found ourselves hiking mountains exceeding 16,000 ft!  Twice!  As you can imagine, the air is thin at that elevation and its hard to breathe! One of our guides gave us great advice, though.  “Take Inca Steps,” he said, referring to the indigenous peoples who inhabited the area. As we began the trail, his words reminded us that to hurry might hurt us! (Realistically, we had no other option but to take it slow!) But the Life Lesson rings true for us all. If you ever feel like you are walking an uphill battle, that the pressure is too great and you are gasping for breath, and you just don’t know if you can take another step…. Slow down. Take a breather. Set your sights on your destination, take small steps and just keep moving. Small steps will get you there!

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