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Qigong (also spells as "Chi Gong", "Chi Kong", or "Qi Gong") is an ancient Chinese scientific study of the power of Qi in the body and the universe; and how to use this power to benefit all aspects of lives. "Qi" is a form of intelligence and a form of life force.  For example, Chinese people call the energy in a person’s body “Qi.” “Gong” means “the work of” or “the practice of.” Thus, Qigong is the practice of energy.

Created by Master Chunyi Lin, Spring Forest Qigong is a simple, yet powerful version of this ancient practice that empowers people to heal themselves and help heal their family, community and world.  SFQ is based in Love, Kindness, Compassion, and Forgiveness, and is a blessing to practice and share. 

Audrey has studied Spring Forest Qigong for over 12 years, completing levels 1-4 and has been a Level one instructor. She is currently a certified Practice Group Leader and offers classes near her home in Houston, MN.

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