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Laughter Yoga

Happy Teens

What the heck is Laughter Yoga?  Well, it's not your typical yoga, and anyone--Any.One.--can do it! In fact, Laughter is the easiest and most fun anyone can have while exercising and feeding your spirit.

Created by Dr. Madan Kataria, Laughter Yoga is simply laughing on purpose.  Laughing on purpose?  Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we are capable of being happy and joyful, even when we don't feel like it. 


You probably already know how, like a yawn, laughter is contagious!  You just can't help yourself when someone laughs--especially if the laugh is silly or striking.  And someone who is laughing is a light, brightening our day, filling it with smiles.


Laughter Yoga has proven benefits. We all know that Laughter is fun and always makes us feel good, and for good reason.  Laughter Yoga is like an aerobic exercise (cardio workout) which brings more oxygen to the body and brain which makes one feel more healthy and energetic..Laughter Yoga strengthens the immune system which not only prevents you from falling sick, but also helps to heal a variety of illnesses like hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, depression, arthritis, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, backache, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, menstrual disorders, cancer and many others.

Laughter Yoga is not a normal part of a client session (although laughter could happen!), but is a wonderful part of a workshop or team building activity.  Laughter yoga can also be part of a corporate wellness program with wonderful side effects!  Audrey is a certified Laughter Yoga Leader, so give her a call!

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