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My Favorite Things: Instant Hot Water

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Several years ago, while visiting a friend, I discovered this month’s Favorite Thing: an Instant Hot Water Spigot. When I returned home, I bought myself one as a birthday present and my amazing handy husband installed it. What initially seemed like a frivolous niche kitchen gadget has become an essential part of my kitchen for my whole family. No longer do I heat up an entire kettle of water for a single cup of tea, I simply push a button and “Voila!” steaming hot water! My kids love the simplicity of making oatmeal or hot cocoa in a pinch. And what a great way to create my morning elixir, “Yin/Yang Water” (see “recipe” below).

The spigot is not only convenient, it promotes conservation! I use far less energy when I’m not heating up a whole kettle on a stove. I don’t need another hot pot on the counter taking up space. And I am not inclined to use a microwave (which, I quit using 10 years ago, anyway. I don’t even have one in the kitchen!). I only use the water I need—no waste.

As winter settles in on those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, those warming drinks tend to become staples of our day. If you have the ability, check out your options for an instant hot water spigot and enjoy!

Yin-Yang healing water has been used by Chinese Taoists for thousands of years. Master Chunyi Lin, creator of Spring Forest Qigong, teaches that drinking Yin-Yang water cleanses the liver and pancreas, strengthens the digestive system, and balances your entire body. Yin-Yang water can be consumed at any time of day, but it is best if you drink it at a regular time of day to create a habit you can easily follow. I like to drink mine in the morning.

RECIPE: Mix equal parts boiled water* and cool water together and drink while still warm. Add a little honey and/or lemon if you like. *Do not use microwaved water

It’s just that simple! :)

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