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Questions hold the answers!

Years ago, when my children where just babies, I discovered homeopathy. As many new mothers discover, I became acutely aware of and sensitive to what my baby came in contact with and what kind of medicines I would use for them. As a result, Homeopathy became one of my most powerful tools! If you aren't familiar with homeopathic remedies, they work on a principal of "like cures like". A substance in nature that causes a given symptom or result, will "cure" that same symptom when prepared homeopathically. For example, the substance in an onion (Allium) causes your eyes and nose to water profusely; yet when isolated then shaken and diluted thousands of times, it becomes a powerful remedy for the same symptom. Therefore, if you suffer from allergies that cause eye watering, you would find the homeopathic remedy Allium Cepa to be a powerful ally in reducing or "curing" your symptoms.

Homeopathy is about asking questions and matching a remedy to specific characteristics of your illness or imbalance. Seasonal allergies may cause watery eyes in some, sneezing in another, and respiratory problems for others. Each symptom indicates the usefulness of a different homeopathic remedy. While the premise of homeopathy is simple, the process of learning and understanding it is a true gift, because homeopathy asks you to Pay Attention. It asks you to slow down and really take a look at the person and the imbalance. It requires that you ask questions.

For example, there is no "one" best remedy for a cold. Homeopathically, there could be 10 possible best remedies that depend upon a number of things. Consider the behavior of the person with the cold: Is s/he grumpy, lethargic or sad? Is s/he better or worse when in cold or warm? Are the symptoms better or worse at night or during the day? Is there a fever present? If so, did it come on suddenly with ferocious heat, or is it a slow burner that comes on gradually? Is there mucus present? Is it clear and thin or thick and colored? Is there a cough? Is it dry and raspy or wet and hacking? Considering all these questions will provide you with a rational, measured picture of the type of imbalance you are dealing with and will help you identify the best remedy.

To take the time to ask these type of questions is not a skillset for most people. We aren't aware that there are different types of colds. We aren't trained to look closely in such a way. When we feel poorly, or a loved one feels poorly, or if someone is not well behaved, we want something to fix the situation right now. But if you can begin to take a few moments to question, always question, you will be doing yourself a huge favor.

I realized the other day how my early experience with amateur homeopathic prescribing prepared me to help so many people as an Energy Healer. Everything I do is about releasing my preconceptions, opening my heart and asking questions----eliminating what doesn't fit and narrowing down options to what does fit. It also trained me to detach myself a bit from stressful situations and ask those questions.

The ability to "detach" and reflect is particularly helpful in our current world filled with so much strife and polarity. It's hard to remain balanced or neutral and to maintain a sense of peace for yourself. But it is possible! Pay attention to times you feel yourself becoming stressed or emotional or even feel pain. Try to catch yourself in the moment and ask questions: What is going on? What happened to cause me to feel this way? Have I changed my eating habits? (Adding "healthy" foods or supplements may be disrupting.) Is it a change in seasons? (When days get colder and darker, our moods also shift.) Is it a person? Is it a situation? What is it about that person or situation? Is it a memory triggered by something? Am I fatigued? Am I dehydrated? Am I resisting something? Can I control it? Can I change it? Can I let it go?

"Listen" to the answers and adjust accordingly! Leave a stressful situation, turn off the stressful media, take a nap, drink some water! (In fact, my go-to suggestion is always always to drink a large glass of water whenever you feel out of sorts. Even mild dehydration can cause imbalances.)

So, what's my take away? Slow down and ask questions. Smile. Breathe. Trust the process. By asking questions, you are connecting with your higher self. And within that space you have more power than you realize to positively affect your life.

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